Mueller investigation: “its an attack on domestic americans” Putin finally speaks on collusion

The investigation by Robert Mueller was only aimed at home consumption and revealed a crisis in the US political system, Vladimir Putin said in his first comment on the probe, which found no collusion between Trump and Russia.

“This is complete nonsense, which was only aimed at a domestic audience [in the US],” the Russian president said on the investigation, which topped the headlines in the mainstream media for months, but turned-out fruitless.


“Such attacks on Trump are elements of a crisis in the political system of the US,” he added.

There’s an evident divide among the US elites as “the party interests are put ahead of those of the nation and society,” Putin explained.


Putin said that “from the start, we said that Mr Muller’s notorious commission is not going to find anything.”


“We knew better than anybody – Russia has never interfered with any US election. There was no collusion between Trump and Russia that Mueller” was investigating.

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