NEW PLOT: WATCH: Rep. Jordan Vows to Defend Trump from New Senior Judiciary Post

Appearing on OANN, new ranking member of the powerful House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan vowed to use his post to defend President Trump.

Per FoxNews, the House GOP Steering Committee met Thursday and recommended that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan serve as ranking member of the powerful House Judiciary Committee effective March 12, and that North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows take Jordan’s spot as Oversight Committee ranking member for the remainder of this Congress, Fox News has confirmed.

The full conference now has to ratify the recommendation, which was first reported by The Hill. Current House Judiciary Committee Chairman Doug Collins, R-Ga., will step down from that post as he pursues a Senate seat.

Jordan and Meadows were among Trump’s strongest defenders during the impeachment proceedings and served on his legal defense team.

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  1. Talib , Omar , Aoc , pelosi , waters schiff , nadler and schumer all need to go . everyone has made hate comments publicly to the President . they have lied repeatedly and sorry but aoc is a damn idiot.

  2. The Democrats make me literally SICK. I don’t think many of us are willing to sit idly by much longer and watch them disrespect every single conservative and independent voter who voted for Trump. You cannot tell me they were that surprised, we were given zero choices. The Democrats fixed the nomination just like they just tried to do in Iowa, good old Bernie took the cheating better then anyone else. He actually joined the D party and spoke to support the criminal Witch. Nobody was or is going to vote in anymore corrupt Democrats. Look the way I see it is we have to turn the majority house members red and also rid the government of those that have ignored their states and counties, lied, disrespected the duly elected President and his cabinet and have fought against doing what needs to be done for the people. At the end of the day that’s why they are there. Show me one Democrat who has done anything except sneer down their long pointy noses at everyone including the loyalist Democrat voters, especially the black and Hispanic communities, what have they ever done to improve the lives of their loyal followers? Ruin their communities and lock up the fathers for decades on stupid petty drug charges. There leftest agenda is Anti freedom anti constitutional anti Israeli, anti actually any person of color or anyone not in their Elitest smug satanic cabal. Damn low life crooks that steal all of what they have from all of what we had. I’m so over taxes, central banks, Elites, sending unlimited money to corrupt countries who don’t do anything to help their people just take the foreign aid we send, first pay off the Democrats with kickbacks then enrich themselves. There is no reason for people to be like they are in all the 3rd world nations, they are being exploited. How about everyone rise up and take back our lands and freedoms. I would rather die fighting for a future that’s free the live under corruption and communism. I am 58 and I couldn’t take any more of this nonsense fake corrupt world. I thought it was becoming hopeless. I’m so happy and grateful we got a choice for a refreshing change. Americans are waking up daily now. God is blessing us all. Now let’s run with it and dump the Dems. ALL OF THEM look you can always re elect them in a couple years. Give this 100% a chance to take it back from those who cheated to steal it. God Bless you PATRIOTS one and All . 🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸

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