President Trump Won't be Impeached

President Trump Won’t be Impeached – Sen. Mitch McConnell

Foxnews guest Senator Mitch McConnell who is a Majority leader boldly declared President Trump Won’t be Impeached from office and that there was just no chance. This came shortly after Jerry Nadler postponed the impeachment vote by the House Intelligence Committee to Friday the 13th.

“We all know how it’s gonna end, there is just no chance President Trump is going to be impeached.” It wouldn’t surprise me if we got one or two Democrats to vote No”.

Speaking on Foxnews Rep. James Comer condemned the postponing of the impeachment vote by Jerry Nadler, calling it a sham as House Democrats already know they have lost and cannot seem to pin any wrong doing on the President.

“It’s typical of the whole process, the whole process is a sham, the way Democrats have conducted themselves you can see in their faces that they realized that they have lost the opportunity to prove any kind of wrong doing.”

“They wanted him impeached from day one as they realized none of their Democrats candidate can beat Donald Trump in the elections come November, so this was their last ditched effort to try to prove that they are trying to defend liberalism and embrace Socialism and try to beat Donald Trump.”

Rep. James Comer also said that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to try to bend a few arms before she can get her desired votes.



  1. real journalists should read the IGs report then go through the footnotes— one such footnote about chs and andrew mccabe the dates show massive problem.

  2. Sirs, you all have heard what Pelosi, Schiff, Green, Nadler and other members of the democratic members of the House said about impeaching the president, “we have to impeach him.”That kind of conduct is inmoral. Moreover, they are trying to overthrow the US Government. No body should be submitted to that class of harasment let alone the president. The international pact on civil and political rights prohibit it.

  3. The republicans senators are spineless creature cockroach. Trump is guilty as charged the senate republicans know for a fact he is not fit to be president. And it was a kangaroo court. There should have been witnesses it is not a fair trial without witnesses. Even if they were going to acquit him we should have had the truth come out.

    1. Not fit to be president? That is laughable. He has done more for our country than all of the Democratic Congress has done I. The last 30 yrs.

    2. Mr. Matthew Thomas you are right, it was the biggest kangaroo court I’ve ever seen ! ! Open up your mind and look way back and think what killary said ” if he wins we all swing “. Now you know that we all need to have a fair trial but how do you have anything fair when the DemonRats are corrupt and killary is getting off from all charges? President Trump has done more for America than any President in my 62 years and he isn’t Corrupt with anything I’ve seen so far. The Ukrainian government was and maybe still is we don’t know but I’d sure look into it before I handed over all of the American people’s money, wouldn’t you. I know our government steals alot from us. We are going to Elect President Trump Again like it or not but he is going to drain the swamp and bring our government back to us! ! ! Now that’s fair. Do you really like the 2 tears of corrupt government that has been happening to America for years?? I’m with President Donald J. Trump till the wheels fall off. These DemonRats have been trying to get him gone since he started his run and you know that.

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