Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi

Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi for yelling at a Reporter

Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi just hours after the Speaker fired back at a reporter saying ‘don’t mess with me’ after she was quizzed if she hated the President. Trump immediately took to his Twitter account to weigh in on the news saying, she is a nervous fit.

“Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more. Stock Market and employment records. She says she “prays for the President.” I don’t believe her, not even close. Help the homeless in your district Nancy. USMCA?”

Nancy Pelosi says Republicans have ‘taken an oath to Donald Trump’ amid the impeachment inquiry at town hall.

Speaking at a CNN town hall meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’d have no regrets if exit polls showed in 2020 that pursuing impeachment helped reelect President Trump: “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism… honoring our oath of office.”

“This is a very sad day,” says Speaker Nancy Pelosi about directing the House to proceed with articles of impeachment. “It’s something that I would have hoped we could have avoided. But the President’s actions made it necessary.”



  1. When she says she prays for the president does she also pray for all the aborted babies that she and Democratic policy makers ignore in their decions as well as the drug induced homeless people in her district?

    1. Actually she prays to allah. I’m not joking. She did it on TV when thought wasn’t being recorded. She said Oh Allah please wipe out this Zionist country. So if that doesn’t say alot about what’s up I don’t know what would sadly

    2. What Nancy was actually trying to say in her drunken stupor was that she preyed upon Trump and of course that goes for the unborn and homeless. Dracula ain’t got nuttin on nutty nancy!

  2. she is right about the fact that the presidents actions force them to impeach him because his actions are draining the swamp and her and her cronies are the swamp!

  3. i ask Donald Trump to release Obama’s birth certificate, THEN he will be vindicated satan will never have power to impeach donald trump …we are millions of citizens which are waiting for the moment of the releasing of the false obamas birth cerificate…obama was protected by the FBI CIA judges in a word the 17 agencies government mafia

  4. Fight the swamp Americans, across the west we are having to fight stuff that is emerging from the slime

  5. Maybe Trump can test her intentions and let her prove that this about patriotism. Suggest that she leads the dems in a commitment that if polls show impeachment helped get him reelected, they pledge that there will be no more attempts to impeach, investigate, accuse of ANY wrongdoing, or indict him throughout his entire 2nd term.

  6. network. HAS HER NUMBER , on her prison cell where she will await trial for conspiracy to commit Treason and Sedition along with NoNadsLiar and SHITfz for brains. Soon afterwards they will face the FIRING SQUAD and I pray the President has it televised WORLD WIDE…

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