Adam Schiff Obsessed with Trump

Incompetent Adam Schiff Obsessed with Trump- Jennifer Barbosa

Incompetent Adam Schiff Obsessed with Trump Impeachment 

Jennifer Barbosa who is an independent candidate for California’s 28th congressional district and challenger of Pencil-neck Adam Schiff, ripped the House Committee Chairman to shreds labeling him as “incompetent” and obsessed with only trying to impeachment the President of the United States of America.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with host Brian Kilmeade, Jennifer Barbosa criticized ‘Shifty’ Schiff. Exposing his high level of incompetence and outright obsession with impeaching the President whilst ignoring over 50,000 homeless Americans in his district.

Knocking the self-righteous shell off Schiff’s face, Barbosa stressed that incompetent Adam Schiff Obsessed with Trump Impeachment while neglecting why he became a “congressman through the redistricting process.” And “since he became my congressman, he has not presented any legislation that has become law.”

In terms of homelessness, she said “what he’s done is he’s basically rubber-stamped Maxine Waters’ bill to deal with homelessness, and her bill essentially replicated the same failed policies that Mayor Garcetti has implemented in our city over the past few years.”

“We know they’re not working,” Barbosa told Fox News Brian Kilmeade,“What we need to do in terms of homelessness,” she continued, “is stop allocating federal funds for affordable housing which costs $500,000-700,000 per unit and really focus on mental health services for the people who are living on the street.”


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