Ilhan Omar a Qatari Spy

Imam of Peace Exposes Ilhan Omar as a Qatari Spy

In a released video by a man who claims to be an “imam of peace” has confirm the testimony of Alan Bender given in court to be true, and that Ilhan Omar is indeed a Qatari Spy who has been recruited to spy on Americans.

After the Explosive testimony of Alan Bender given in a Florida court named Ilhan Omar as an active Qatari asset and also implicated a number of other prominent American citizens including political activist Linda Sarsour and senior advisor to United States Jared Kushner hit the media,.

A man who identifies himself as ‘Imam of peace’ dropped major truthbombs in his released video, confirming the sworn deposition of Alan Bender. Canadian businessman Alan Bender reported that they recruited both, Republicans and Democrats, but that’s not good enough.

Our goal is to rule the White House, Bender said that, Qatars major aim is to ‘take down’ Imam Tawhidi, known as the Imam of Peace, for his criticism of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, using their always available contacts in American newspapers to publish smear stories that would lead to legal charges against the good and innocent Imam.

Bender also claimed that both Omar and Linda Sarsour were members of the Muslim Brotherhood that have been spying on Americans for their host countries.

“Somebody recommended her to the Qataris. They had several names, several options to pick from, to appoint – ‘they call her winning the elections is an appointment.’”

Another London-based Kuwaiti activist Abdullah al-Saleh supports the claims by tweeting on Tuesday evening saying that: his name is Dr. Abdullah al-Saleh and that he was the guest of the Qatari government and Prime Minister for 6 months. (Related; ‘Guilty Of Treason ?’ See Sworn Witness Testimony That Just Ended It For Spying Ilhan Omar)

He said that he learned of their operations in the West and can testify and confirm that everything Alan Bender said in his deposition regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar a Qatari Spy to the absolute truth and nothing but the truth.



  1. I have believed from the beginning that Ilhan (Omar) Elmi is a fraud and a traitor. She and her entire family need to be deported. Send them back to Somalia. Let the Somalian government deal with her.

    1. I agree she has shown her self to be against USA. Therefore her actions speaks very loud who she is. I believe she is a spy, traitor so much more and never should have been in office of USA. Send her and the entire family back to Somalia. She has caused much ignorant devises so let Somalia deal with her she can try and rule them but Not USA.

  2. The Muslim Brotherhood that Omar is involved in has a Mission Statement which encourages muslims to run for elections in our Government to infiltrate sharia law! So by electing Omar and muslims like her you can see how they will get closer to their goal of ridding our CONSTITUTION and instituting their Sharia Law!
    So being forewarned just watch how she and other muslims “use our Constitution and our Bill of Rights against us” to get Sharia Law instated into our Government.
    Omar’s is loyal to her Government Islam …our Constitution is what she outwardly follows to get elected just as the Muslim Brotherhood tells her to do!!

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