Kennedy slammed Adam Schiff

Sen. Kennedy SLAMMED Adam Schiff for using Impeachment as a Political Weapon

On Sunday, Sen. Kennedy slammed Adam Schiff and the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and accused them of chasing a “red herring” when attempting to figure out whether the president allegedly linked military aid to Ukraine to investigate his election rivals.

Kennedy went on to criticize House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s move to bar Republicans from calling witnesses in the impeachment inquiry and “not allowing the president to defend himself.” A number of Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have commented that the president is welcome to testify before the committee during the impeachment hearings.

On the issue of if there was quid pro quo between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky when the president asked his Eastern European counterpart to look into the Ukraine business dealings of Biden and his son Hunter, Kennedy made his feelings clear.

“The quid pro quo is a red herring,” he said. “President Trump asked for an investigation of possible corruption by someone who happens to be a political rival. The matter, if proven, would be in the national interest.”

The impeachment inquiry into Trump began when a whistle-blower reported that Trump had pushed Zelensky to launch a public investigation into the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine — specifically, why the former vice president pressured former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire a top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings.



    1. It is disappointing and shameful and disgusting to watch and listen to Schiff, Nadler, Feinstein, wasserman-schultz, schumer, issue hate speech like that of the 1920s ’30s and ’40s and these are Jews. How diabolically and hypocritically and ironic is that?

  1. I agree, if they think that they can lie, and slander, and scheme and get away with it they are sorely mistaken. They are damned already. Liers go to hell. I hope for the sake of their souls they repent.

  2. The demonrats are desperately trying to hide their own crimes and corruption by trying to project their crimes on potus!


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