Nancy Pelosi is Highly Overrated

Nancy Pelosi is Highly Overrated – President Trump

In a fiery interview on friday, President Trump launched fresh attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump labeled the Speaker “Nuts” and also saying Nancy Pelosi is Highly Overrated, questioning her mental stability and fitness for office.

After Trump spoke of his accomplishments in defeating the Clinton dynasty, Bush dynasty and the Obama’s, even though he had little experience in politics. He also took pleasure in taunting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He said..

“But I have to deal with crazy Nancy, she’s crazy as a … as a bed bug,” Trump said during an interview with Fox & Friends. “She is nuts. What she’s doing and she’s not talented. She’s highly overrated. All she’s doing is sitting. She’s not doing anything for the people. And now it turns out that the whole impeachment thing is a scam.”


President Trump reacted to five days of public impeachment hearings into his presidency. The House Speaker now must decide if and when to begin formal impeachment proceedings.

Previously, she stated that Trump has committed impeachable acts, but Democrats would go “where the facts take us.”

House Dems’ impeachment inquiry centers on a July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. The call prompted an intelligence agency whistleblower to file a complaint alleging quid pro quo from the President of the United States.

“They must think we’re nuts in this country,” Trump said of people around the world watching the hearings. “The Democrats, they look like fools.”


SOURCE: Libertywhip. com


  1. Nancy Pelosi has got to go.Her only interest in life is to inrich herself and her loved ones.She is not doing anything to help the American people.Show the people that she is not above the laws! We are sick and tired of this two tiered justice system!!BARR and Durham better do right by the people or were headed for a CIVIL WAR.

  2. Nancy said she Catholic she hates no one. She also said she praying for our President. Really Nancy you are the biggest pathetic liar you Schiff, Nadler all you democrats are running a game who can lie the most to American people all you democrats will pay at the end. Nancy, Schiff, Nadler all you democrats God see what yall are doing it going to be hell for yall.

    1. Last night i watched the Lora Ingram show n Richard made a comment saying California is the best state n everyone wants to live there. Knowing it is the worst state right now with most homeless people of all states. Lets take care of our American citizens before helping other people that don’t belong here. As an immigrant who came here legally, i say get in line like everyone else. Just because u came here illegally dont make u an American citizen! N as a taxpayer, i want my money to go to my American citizens n my military family, not illegals… So to Richard, get ur facts right before u open ur mouth!!!! A mad citizen…. 4 more years to my President Mr. Trump, may god bless u n ur family n thank u for taking care of the American people first..

  3. Why is it that very few Americans are familiar with a basic understanding of written English?
    Do they simply disregard punctuation, spelling and grammar? Or were many people never taught these elementary rules, because our public schools do not teach them, properly?
    One cannot help feeling incredulous, as the omission of any order is glaring. Not to mention distracting, from the issue about which we are commenting.

    1. You should stop trying to be the grammar police. You know very well, the points people are trying to make. They did not come here, to be subjected to ridicule for their punctuation. Please find yourself another way to fulfill your ego.

      1. Why are we still being sprayed with poisons by plane, bunker ships, water heaters. If you want to stop mental problems, stop the chemical thermite being sprayed from planes. This is the biggest problem the world has, and weather control. GMO foods you just signed agreements with even more companies to make GMO foods. While poisons are being deployed there is no such thing as organic, at least on top of Earth. I’ve heard the underground bunkers where no one but elites will be housed is like a beautiful Earth before Chemtrails. For those of use who know what a clear blue sky is supposed to look like and remember what a yellow sun looks like, it’s all been taken away. Why? Why keep this going and kill ppl slowly? I voted for you most of my friends and family voted for you, I think most of the ppl voted for you because we thought you were going to stop the death of this planet, instead it’s been getting worse. You know the dangers of 5G yet you are letting it roll out, why is Palm Beach County in FL exempt of 5G. I think before election time there will be a huge revolt against all this poison, frequencies be and deadly weather. You want votes but you think the wall was most important. The ppl who came here did not come close to killing what our government is doing to us every single day. This is my humble opinion since a lot of ppl just don’t see reality. You are not stupid, you know what’s going on and you know you can’t stop it, so why not tell the world what’s going on?
        Tell them they are being poisoned like rats and 5G will control the minds of everyone or kill them which ever those in control decide. No one can be a good person who knowingly kills ppl for absolutely no reason. I know this will never get to you but hey, never expected it too.

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