Recent poll Results put together by Washington Post/ ABC news shows president Donald Trump trailing in head-to-head matchups with at least four Democratic party 2020 presidential elections contenders, this includes the top three Democrats candidates: former Obama Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders. They are no match for our able and capable president.

It has been proven beyond all doubt that current pr esident of the United States Donald Trump will remain on his throne after 2020 election, this is according to more than two-thirds of chief financial officers from the CNBC Global CFO Council. They totally believe with hard prove that president Trump is going nowhere.

The poll result which was released Wednesday, Joe Biden had the largest edge of the top three Democrats. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg also led Trump, but by an amount within the sampling error which put president Trump on top.

Neglecting the fact that a recent poll showing waning support in the way the president is handling the country’s economy and other evidence, even doe the head-to-head matchups is showing that Trump could face a tough path to re-election, the CFOs think that the president will remain in office come 2020 and beyond.

Even doe though the survey did not link CFO thoughts on if the United States of America will enter into a recession before the 2020 general election to their views on the president’s re-election, but a good percent of them said they didn’t think the U.S. would experience a recession come 2020 and beyond.

The poll result shows a more optimistic view on the economy than many recent news reports have presented. It has been a huge positive.

U.S. Government and Chinese government trade wars and China has been a key source of focus for experts, who have expressed concerns that tensions are creating global uncertainty that could slow business and investment In both countries, this will in turn affect innocent citizens trying to make a living.

Ahead of the U.S China trade talks set to take place sometime next month, both sides have extended agreement. The Chinese government said earlier this week that it would exempt 16 types U.S. products from its list of retaliatory tariffs for a year. President Donald Trump later on announced he would delay tariffs scheduled for October 1 by two weeks. Which will give little time for further discussions.

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  1. These so call polls are just numbers that lie to the American people. Remember last election, every single poll told us, the American voters that then canidate Trump was way behind in the polls and showed favoritism to u know who.
    So polls, what polls? Let people think the DEMORATS are ahead of Pres Trump. We, patriots know it’s all optics.
    We’ll see….

    1. Another BS result. Pres. Trump is MILES ahead of the Democrats and ALL their Members. They no chance ,even in Hell.!! Pres.Trump 2020-2024++

  2. The spelling and grammar in this article is cringeworthy!
    with hard prove that (proof)
    that (the) current pr esident (president) of the United States
    Even doe though the survey (doe?)
    but a good percent (percentage) of them said

    There’s likely more but I couldn’t read the whole article

    1. That’s right! polls are pointless! If you wanna know if PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing a great job and if he has a majority of American voters support, just look at the disgusting democrats and see what bullshit story they’ve dreamt up this time….Democrats have lost it ! And they deserve it and so much more! Back to my favorite PRESIDENT. Support for PRESIDENT TRUMP by me on my gut feeling! if I had to guess…? I’ll take a solid 64% and will continue to rise as long as he keeps America great! If he finished the wall, destroyed the clowns (CeyeA)! restored the gold backed dollar. Locked up Clinton’s and their corrupt deepstate buds. He could probably remain commander and chief until 2040! In my opinion!

      P.s. also the use of even “doe” is hillyarious but 4REELZ, there’s no way anyone speaks dis way! Haha TRUMP2Q2Q!

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