Recent POLL RESULTS just showed that president Trump’s job approval rating this week combined from major polls across the country finally surpassed that of United States Former President Barack Obama at the same time eight years ago, giving some actual good news to Trump who is known to cite only conservative-leaning polls to bolster his image, this poll result came as a surprise to many anti Trump Americans, but it doesn’t matter as the president is Finally getting the recognition he deserves.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating on Wednesday was 44.3 per., according to results gathered from over half a dozen major polls collect all across America. This is higher than Obama’s average approval rating of 43.9 per. on the 18th day of September 2011, using the same methods.

President Trump who is also running for a second tenure‘s average approval rating surpassed that of his predecessor and remained top for the next two days. The 45th president’s average approval rating on Monday was 44.1 % compared to Obama’s 43.9 per. on Sept. 16, 2011, and 44 per. on Tuesday compared to Obama’s 43.8 percent on the 17th day of September, 2011. This is seen as a landslide win for the able and capable president of the United States.

The president has unlike himself not tweeted this week about achieving a higher average approval against Obama Obama whom he has continued to criticize. But on Monday, the day he came out ahead of Obama, president Trump recently tweeted an image of himself with a ‘50% APPROVAL RATING’ attributed to the conservative Rasmussen Reports, which consistently rates him higher than other major polls across the country.

President Trump in his latest tweet said, “Thank you, working hard!”, along with the hashtag #KAG2020, this hash tag stands for Trump’s re-election campaign slogan, “Keep America Great.” The most foreseeable way to makes America great again.

It’s not yet very clear if Trump is aware he has had a Real Clear Politics higher average approval rating than Obama for the past four days.

A prominent Conservative content websites on Tuesday reported on Trump’s better ratings based on Rasmussen showed a wider gap between the Trump’s numbers.

Conservative Fighters cited Trump’s 50 percent approval rating by Rasmussen Reports on Monday and noted that Obama on September 16, 2011, was four points lower at 46 percent, according to the poll results. It’s high time we guarder our forces together in other to bring trump back as our president.

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  1. President Trump has proven himself A very capable leader and is accomplishing great things
    for the USA that are long overdue. Thank the forefathers for their decision to create the Electoral College.

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