President of the United States of America Donald Trump has renewed a heated attack on Ilhan Omar after the recent documents which were found to confirm the mounting allegations against her and her Terrorist ties. Majority of Americans believe Omar’s regular criticisms of America and her unending support for notorious Terrorist organisations are not only unwarranted but a bit hypocritical, putting into consideration where she came from.

Every patriotic citizens of this great country America want the anti American, Anti peace terrorist supporting immigrants and fraud sent back to their own countries. We stand firmly with you Mr president.
Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called President Trump and his defenders hypocrites Saturday following reports that the president cancelled a secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David.

“Hypocrites!” Rep. Omar responded to a Twitter user who said, “I find it very amusing that the same people who vilified Omar for speaking about Al Qaida, saying she was mocking 9/11, are wholeheartedly Defending president Trump for inviting the very terrorist organisation who harbored Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan to Camp David just days before yhe September 11 attacks.”

President Trump cancelled the meeting at the last minute because of the Taliban attack in Kabul, Afghanistan which killed one American army personnel and injured several others.

President Trump Angrily said in a series of tweets that, “but its Unfortunate that, in order to build false leverage, they claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul that killed one of Us military personnel, and 11 other innocent people. I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. What kind of people would kill so many in order to strengthen their bargaining power?” its outrageous and Inhumane.

Trump added, “They didn’t, they have now madeit worse! If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably do not have any power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to fight? How many decades are they ready to take innocent life?”

President’s attacks came just days after he attacked Omar and three other freshmen congresswomen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley in a series of tweets in which he told the four women tagged the Squad, to go back to where they came from. All four are United States citizens and all but Omar were born in the US. Omar came to the country as a Somali refugee when she was 12 years of age.

President Trump stood firmly behind his comments saying there were “not racist”. He said that those who are not happy in the US can leave for the better, that’s one way to make America great again.

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    1. Omar is illegal she came in with a family that wasn’t hers. She’s y in jail, she married her own brother illegally to make him legal supposedly but their both illegal. She’s stolen money from our government. Sleeping with a married man and gave him over $200,000 dollars. She was put into our government through Obama, Keith Ellison and more corrupt persons. Investigate and look at USA a dump filled with fowl, filthy and diseased living here Free for a Democratic Vote. Obama’s Evil 😈 hate and lies. Obama was born in Kenya and tells it and many Africans tell the fact he’s Kenya’s first born American president.

      1. I don’t understand, did he say for them to return to where they came from but only Omar wasn’t born here in the US. Where out of the country would they go if they were born here? I suppose they can go to where their parents came from. Confusing!

    2. It is not like she is making a mistake…She knows WHICH SIDE SHE STANDS ON, but I believe all of em (Especially Nancy and Adam) are being controlled by deeper state (and higher up) Players who do not want to be seen. To them these actors in the public view, are cannon fodder. When Nancy Said; ‘wE HAVE DONE WHAT WE SET OUT, THE PRESIDENT IS IMPEACHED”, She looked like she was on the verge of falli8ng apart.
      I do not believe we will get past this as a race, if we do not ALL take responsibility for getting to this spot of separation.
      Can wee re-unite?.
      Joy Peace Love

      1. I say people like us will try to reunite. We don’t have hate in our hearts, we know how important it is to love our neighbor and just agree to disagree. But they will not. They will not even stand next to us until we bend to their will…. whatever their will might be. They are so power hungry and have their focus on the wrong things. Obama was the great DIVIDER, he made everything about race and condoned rioting without police intervention, condoned brutality on police, condoned their side trolling people to spit on us and scream in our face when they see us in a restaurant. Their level of pure hate Is something I haven’t seen before. Christianity is under attack because it teaches love and kindness and acceptance. I would love for this country to be an example of love and a beacon of light for the whole world to see, I just don’t know how we get there with such animosity against people like us.

    3. Her family are wanted by the people in Somalia to face charges ,they never should have been allowed entry into America as they entered under an assumed name. She has criticized Americans disparagingly and spoke very rudely the President of the United States.She referred to the attack on American Citizens on 911 in the most dismissive way by saying “Some people did something”.as if it was of little consequence with absolutely no regard for the feelings of the families who suffered such lossShe has no right to be in America let alone in congress this should be looked into very thoroughly..Also the money she siphoned off from her campaign funding to her married boyfriend.etc.

    4. I totally agree and pray all Americans will follow suit. These politicians do not support the Constitution or the will of the people that
      honor it. It should appear obvious they are plants by Soros & the deep state to overthrow our Republic form of self-governance.

    5. Deporting them will be giving them the opportunity to continue to be evil. Put them in Gitmo and forget them for ever…

    6. Say what you want, but don’t be naive. Every Dem rep signed on a letter offering full support of Hezbollah lobbying arm Hamas

  1. We are united. It is time the illegal aliens who came here to milk our country of it’s benefits and to create division from within, it’s time that we stand united in removing the anti-patriots. The hate mongering, terrorist funding, flag burning and American hating illegal aliens that are here to suck the resources out of and weaken our country in their effort to ultimately overthrow our government, destroy our way of life, and take our freedoms from us, it is time we remove the blood sucking evil from our country. Americans need to open their eyes and see through the disguises of these folks. They look like,sound like and pretend to be like us,but they are not and you need to stop catering to the lying SOB’s.Time to purge our country of the evil that has slipped in, while we slept. Amen, God bless us one and all in this holy war.

    1. You have been a long time waking up America just don’t lie down and go to slee again because your enemy is undercover and more monsterous than you can possibly imagine and has been planning the demise of your Western Democracy and the browning of the Western white race for a very long time now.

      1. Incest Ilhan lied to get here with a family(not related) she supports Terrorist with her 173k a year tax payer paid salary, she filed taxes with 2 different husbands and 1 was her brother/ husband. That’s just nasty period. They all need to GTF OUT

  2. Dear Terry, While it is true that we must “see” these things (The hate mongering, terrorist funding, flag burning and American hating illegal aliens that are here to suck the resources out of and weaken our country in their effort to ultimately overthrow our government, destroy our way of life, and take our freedoms from us, it is time we remove the blood sucking evil from our country) I believe that we must view these from the perspective you at first mentioned (We are united) I believe we will do this more as we recognize that the real and most potent power, is centered in the heart. No two of us EVER stand in the shoes of another, So each of us stand in a kind of separation, Yet our Hearts hold that original spark, thus it is impossible to separate us unless we live in a hologram where we for got our roots.or our spark which at first created all of us.
    Advanced mathematical string theory supports this idea- look it up.(see single atom theory)
    Let us view what is happening, expand it to completeness and at the same time release it, If we can’t release it we are not done with it.
    Those of us who are aware of these energies, can sit in Peace allowing it to unfold, while intentionally vibrating our Heart energy over all. This is the place where I feel Unity.
    I take great wonderment and Joy seeing (knowing) to where this unfolds..
    Joy Peace Love

  3. We will only believe if Nancy Pelosi daughter of the Mafia, Ilham Omar illegal alien, and the rest of the evil democrats politicians are on jail and out of congress.

  4. You seriously need someone to proofread your material BEFORE you publish it. It doesn’t look very professional with typos and misspellings.

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