BREAKING: Unknown man seen with Ilhan Omar has been identified [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

The report just came in from dmlnewsapp that Ilhan Omar has been seen getting up close and personal with married aide Tim Mynett, can exclusively reveal.

The Minnesota congresswoman, 37, has been carrying on with Mynett, 38, a campaign fundraising strategist, for several months, according to a source.

Mynett is married to Dr. Beth Mynett, but has confirmed that he has recently left their marital home and is now living in a D.C. apartment.

Photos show that Mynett and Omar are constantly by each other’s sides at events, traveling to Los Angeles, New York City, Austin and Seattle together.

Mynett has even spent time with Omar’s daughter Isra, 16, who is a budding activist, as the threesome were photographed together on two separate occasions, most recently in July.

Omar’s camp has paid Mynett’s company – E Street Group – more than $250K in consulting fees and travel expenses, dating from last August until June 11, according to Federal Election Commission records.

The Daily Mail published an exclusive report last week, along with a video, revealing that Omar was seen leaving a secluded restaurant with a “mystery man” near Los Angeles back in March. Daily Mail now says that mystery man, seen holding hands with Omar, has been identified as Mynett.

The report about the mystery man came on the heal of news that Omar has recently separated from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, who is the father of her three children.

The Daily Mail further reported:

Previously, Mynett worked as former Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison’s national finance director. Omar took over Ellison’s seat when he ran for Attorney General.

Federal Election Commission records show Omar’s team began paying Mynett’s company in August of 2018, splashing out $62,500 by the end of 2018.

Payments continued into 2019, with big chunks of $5,000, $10,000 and $12,000 being shelled out every month, totaling just over $253,000 in a single year.

Below is the video of Omar and Mynett as they were caught leaving the Los Angeles-area restaurant together in March.

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