She was questioned about marriage to her brother but speechless Ilhan Omar reacts in shame (video)

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar resisted all attempts to purge her of truth about marriage  to her brother…..

Keane Bexte of Rebel media was embraced with silence after questioning her about her relationship with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Rebel Media reports that documents pulled from the Minneapolis Courthouse indicate that while Omar was allegedly married to her brother, she was also living with another husband in Minneapolis.

Earlier in June Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was ordered to pay a $500 civil fine for violating campaign finance law.
It was revealed she had filed joint tax returns with a man she was not married to,after the investigations.

Omar have previously claimed she was legally married to one man but culturally married to another.

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  1. How did Omar ever get her foot in the door to gain a power position in American goverment and her job actually gives her the oppurtunity to contact people in power in other countries.Its very disturbing that a women who is no stranger to law enforcement who had been arrest for tresspassing at one point she was ask to vacate the premises in a building they escorted her out she resisted but left only to return and sit in the lobby after being removed once ended up being arrested.On her police record which was out in public allso was labeled as a habitual offender.The video eith her record was short lived on you tube it was removed quickly and who ever had posted it had been banned from you tube at the time i wasnt familliar with Ms Omar i wasnt a very political person at the time and didnt give it much thought until i found out she was serveing in our Congress I was floored that a person with a fairly recent criminal record got into Congresd Im sorry i didnt take a screenshot of the article at the time because of all the things shes being investigated for im sure that police record is either sealed or has dissappeared as not to be found out about in the on going investigation for more criminal actions I cant believe that someone whos character is so shady that she managed not only to get elected but the nature of the things shes under scrutiny for now are pretty serious. Wasnt she screened for a criminal record or didnt they think it was relavant that they hired another corrupt politician.???

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