Revealed Secret source codes on website sends Ilhan omar to deep shock as she shamelessly tries to…( read more)

Rep. Ilhan Omar have shamelessly resisted answering questions about been married to her own brother….

A couple weeks ago Michelle Malkin jumped into the fray and called Ilhan Omar out on her fraudulent marriage to her brother and how she filed joint tax returns with a man who she was not married to.

In a 2017, Rep. Omar swore under penalty of perjury while divorcing her husband (brother?) that she  hadn’t seen Ahmed N. Elmi since 2011 and didn’t know anyone who could help her contact him.


Hidden code on a website however shows that Ahmed E. Elmi may have actually designed and set up a website for Ilhan Omar’s sister in THIS YEAR and is living in Nairobi, Kenya, the same city Omar’s sister, Sahra Noor lives and works in.


Omar’s sister Sahra Noor currently works as the CEO of Grit Partners and the company’s website reveals Omar’s estranged brother-husband created the website and or the Instagram account for Grit Partners.

The secret source code was first exposed by journalist,David Steinberg,see evidence below



David Steinberg has also discovered a since-deleted Instagram account belonging to Omar’s brother-husband Elmi under the handle “ahmednelmi.”


The Instagram account showed photos of Elmi and Rep. Omar’s children with captions and hashtags saying “uncle time” and “nieces” or “nephews.”

Ilhan Omar has to be forced to to answer to what obviously appears to be a fraudulent marriage to her brother, then tried and sentenced.

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