Just because you are conservative : Facebook’s plan to de-platform you exposed

Alex Marlow, Editor in Chief of Briebart News Reports: FACEBOOK USES OFFLINE BEHAVIOR TO DETERMINE IF YOU ARE A “HATE AGENT” (talk about Fascism!)
Alex goes on to explain in an effort to SANITIZE their Platform, FACEBOOK is secretly adding up social credit points against it’s users in order to de-platform them as “Hate Agents.” This is all being done in secret as a pilot program as they build up to take down more public figures (in other words, Conservatives).

They are using the last 2 years of data to compile your “hate agent score” including ANYTHING they have access to such as private conversations they were able to capture or items you have with you in a pic (U.S. flag, MAGA hat, tatoo, rifle, bible, etc., ) THEY ARE ONLY TRACKING “HATE” against protected groups & not non-protected groups (a black man can be hateful to a white woman and that will not be tracked or have points).

This TECH TYRANNY is very REAL and Pervasive with all the big TECH companies like FB, Google, Microsoft and probably Amazon too!. Some employees are blowing the whistle on these secret programs to BlackList private citizens but the Silicon Valley crew is so Powerful in it’s effort to censor that it is out of control mostly because Congress refuses to put limits on them and even gives them freedom to do this.

Just think of all the book reviews on Amazon or the periscope addresses revealed when these fake actors pretend they are victims and outing pedo’s but really just gathering your SYMPATHY AND YOUR INFO! below is the link to the video of the Tucker Carlson show with Alex Marlow as a guest which is towards the end around 30.00. It is really worth watching and I am sure I just scored some points posting this

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