Trump wall : Far-left Governor shoots herself on leg while trying to shade Trump in……(read more)

After withdrawing 118 National Guard troops from New Mexico’s southern boundary earlier this year,New Mexico governor,Michelle lujan Grisham  is back in the News.

Grisham who released a statement in February mocking Trump and insisting there was no crisis, saying, “There exists no national security crisis on the southwestern border.” in a mockery to Trump’s border policies.

After the New Mexico governor’s statements and actions the New Mexico border was overrun by the drug cartels and illegal aliens in no time.

This came after the governor’s not well calculated plan to remove troops from the border.

But in a funny and bizarre manner the Governor have exposed the hypocrite she is as she tries to blame Trump for the repercussions of her own misadventure.

In a tweet she called POTUS out saying :

What a dirty hypocrite.


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  1. HEY bitch governor of New Mexico, you should be lynched by the citizens of your state! You two faced democrat ass!! If I lived there and you endangered MY FAMILY, I would hunt you down and squish you like the vermin you and ALL LEFTISTS ARE!! REMEMBER THIS DUMBASS, KARMA CAN BE A BIGGER BITCH THAN YOU!!

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