Gov. Funding her stud,Dark money loopholes : AOC’s latest misadventure would piss you off

The unrepentant,loud mouthed congresswoman AOC spews trash again,this time even more outrageous than her previous tantrums….

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y., has come out with a long list of social-media statements justifying a raise for Congress, and suggesting it’s the one way to fight back against “dark money loopholes,” i.e., corruption.

But her online audience isn’t taking it well.

In fact, she’s being accused of, well, not putting the country first.

The anonymous “misinforminimalism” questioned, “So it’s extortion?” That theme was echoed by Stephen L. Hall, who said, “Sounds a bit like extortion.”

AOC was discovered to have added her stud/partner/lover on government payroll earlier this year using a server from her office,but oh well nothing was done about it,no charges and the mainstream media shoved it beneath the carpet.

AOC is feeling more powerful as she gets dumber by the day.

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