Finally arrested : George Soros caught funding open border (must read)

“two top enablers who are sponsored by George Soros have been arrested for helping illegal aliens commit the crime of crossing our borders against our laws.

This has thrown a huge scare into other open border advocates, who consider it wrong for this country to enforce our laws. Pueblo Sin Fronteras leader Irieno Mujihca and Migrant Culture Collective’s Cristóbal Sánchez have been arrested for aiding and abetting illegal aliens invading the country. The open border advocates consider the United States to be immoral for trying to make sure immigrants enter the country legally.”

After Judicial Watch sent people down to investigate who was financing the movement there found George Soros people down there handing out paychecks to the immigrants.


  1. Lock Soros up … He funds all over the world to cause as many political problems that he can find. At his age you would think he would retire instead of hurting people all over the world. When he dies what will all these people do. Sit on there butts won’t have soros money any more to support them..

  2. Why isn’t Soros and his sons in jail for breaching so many laws the least of which is his illicit electioneering. Soros and his sons have violated more statutes then Bill Clinton has women!

  3. I agree…BLAH BLAH BLAH!! I don’t fully trust ” conspiracyreveals” to be telling 100% truth. Some stories don’t seem right! I believe they are setting up A lot of clickbait stories!! They are placating PATRIOTIC AMERICANS who are eager for JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY!! WELL, “CONSPIRACYREVEALS”?! DENIAL?!

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