Ilhan Omar,whole Democratic party in panic as new details of Congresswoman’s immigrational info could get her deported in no time

This is where Ilhan Omar’s U.S. citizenship becomes problematic.

Interviews and the public record provide that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar claims to have obtained U.S. citizenship in the year 2000 as a 17-year-old, a minor.

In every instance, where we find Ilhan having been interviewed by reputable news outlets, her age is reported to have been 17 in 2000. For example, in an interview with the New York Times, reported that “she became a citizen in 2000, when she was 17.”[4] Again, the TwinCities Pioneer Press stated that in “2000: At age 17, Omar becomes a U.S. citizen. She has already become interested in local politics, serving as a translator for Somalis at precinct caucuses.”

Date of Birth Clarity Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota legislative page has shown her date of birth to be Oct 4, 1981, since her election to the state legislature in 2016.

Ilhan’s Oct 4, 1981, date of birth clearly corroborates that she was not 17 years old in 2000, but rather 18 turning 19. Fully two years beyond what would be allowed for naturalization through her father.


  1. This broad shouldn’t be serving on ANY of our government offices she wasn’t born here and we the people demand she be kicked out of office and anyone else that wasn’t born here! How come our government keeps doing stuff like this passing laws and legislations that we the people didn’t vote on 3/4 of congress don’t give a darn about their constituents they just go there and do and pass whatever will line their pockets!! Straighten up government or we the people are gonna have to replace all of you and yes if we get enough people to ban together we can do it!!!

  2. I’ve been saying this for 16 yrs now when I found out that Barrack Obama is a Kenyan born … Our Constitutional Laws says only American Born can run our Politics and Country and I wonder why it happened … Then there I received some treats from Obama’s to shut up 🤐 and also from Young Turks News calling a Troll from their page … Argh 😤 Disgusting how these people sneaking into our Politics … We better exposed these corruption to the public … WWG1WGA !!!

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