Corruption scandal : Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar Found Guilty of SIX Campaign Finance Violations,see how she’s asked to pay

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was ordered to pay a $500 fine for violating campaign finance law.
Why isn’t there a full blown DOJ and FBI investigation into Ilhan Omar?

Fox 9 reported:
U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar must personally pay a $500 civil fine to the state for violating a campaign finance law, the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board ordered Thursday.

In addition, Omar must reimburse her political campaign $3,469 for improperly used campaign funds, the board said in its decision.

Five times, Omar’s campaign improperly paid hotel or travel expenses for Omar to attend out-of-state events in 2017, the board found. In other cases, the board found Omar’s campaign had paid for Omar’s immigration records and two years of tax returns without justifying their benefit to her campaign.

It appears Ilhan Omar also married her own brother to defraud US immigration, yet there has been no investigation into this by the US government.


  1. Minnesota needs to replace all biased law makers and ILHAN OMAR should be shot dead!! AS ALL TRAITORS WILL BE!!

  2. So why ain’t she kicked out of congress 6 violations involving money????? Give me a break I’d be in jail if I did it! We don’t want criminals on our congress kick her off you know what let’s vote on it we the people don’t have enough say over our government every move you make every bill you wanna pass should be voted on by We the people not people in government that want to push their own agenda be dam what the people want!!! Where’s our frekin voices??? We demand to be heard we will NOT sit in the showdown anymore!!!

  3. Our own Government is aiding and abetting corrupt people in our Government and they want USA Citizens to follow the law ,but They do NOT Follow the Law themselves by Charging those in Government to Obey it. CLEARLY Omar needs to leave her Poston Gov’t for Aiding her Terror friends “Some People Did Something’ and her most recent campaign fiasco.. She needs to Go and Tax payers say PINK SLIP Please NOW!

  4. Omar was also brought into our government through Obama and Keith Ellison and more. Minnesota has been turned into a filthy evil dump filled with Obama’s garbage and they all vote Illegally because they are living here Free for a Democratic Vote. Investigate they are gross and sickens us. Obama told it no running water in the places they live in. No bathtubs no sinks and no toilets. No washing bodies as we smell and tell. Diseases aids herpes chlaymida Ebola viruses sickness known and unknown gross sickening us. Come vomit like I do and loosing weight and sick. Many of us being dogged by Obama people ripped off USA for billions. Investigate

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