Wikileaks react as Julian Asange is poisoned hours after dropping explosive letter to public

In the early hours of 31st May 2019, the world famous whistleblower Julian Asange sent out a letter to his supporters which was read out infront of Westminster.

In the letter he claimed his life was under serious threat and in qoute “by hundreds of superpowers” who dont want truth to prevail in a world full of falsehood and secrecy, Hours later in a live broadcast by an anonymous source on YouTube claimed Julian was found unresponsive in his cell, this assertion have been vindicated by wikileaks.

Watch the video of his letter been read out in public and the broadcast of him been poisoned below :


  1. They need to place him under the whistleblower laws! If it had not been for him we would never had known about some very serious crimes taking place! Protect Julian and his work.
    In doing so we will be preserving the future of the free press and journalists in the world.

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