Bombshell: Tory leaders now Back no deal Brexit after Farage Rip them Apart

Tory leaders are now battle lurched to the right after Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party rip them to shreds in the recent European elections.

Tory party Contenders are now backing a no-deal after Farage Declares war in in a general election.m

The shattered and battered Tories were warned to get their Brexit act together or face destruction after rampaging Farage trounced them..

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn was also urged to support a second referendum.

Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage boasted that he would “stun everybody” and cause havoc at the next general election if there was any delay in quitting the EU.

Nigel Farage hopes the Brexit party will win its first seat in next week’s Peterborough by-electionwhere former Tory supporter Mike Greene as a candidate is fielded as a candidate.

Nigel Farage said none of the Tories leading contenders including Boris Johnson could be relied on to deliver Brexit as they had all backed Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Nigel farage also added that “Why would I trust any of them? Why would I believe any of them? The Conservative Party are bitterly divided and I consider it extremely unlikely that they’ll pick a leader who is able to take us out on October 31 come what may.

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