Unbelievable !!! Newly Elected Congress woman Rashida tlaib caught on camera fighting with trump’s security guards (the mainstream media kept it away)

Unhinged “motherf**ker” Democrat Rep. Rashina Tlaib is a liberal activist.

In 2016 the unhinged Democrat interrupted Donald Trump’s speech at the Detroit Economic Forum and then fought with security guards before she was removed from the venue.

“Game on” as democratic senator supports trump wall with hard facts that would make nancy pelosi shiver (must read)

What really killed her? Hunter about to get hunted as journalist who leaked the secrets of robert mueller’s team is found dead
Rashina Tlaib — who famously called President Trump a motherf**Ker to the delight of Democrats everywhere — is a perfect representative of the modern Democrat Party.

— Socialist, anti-Israel, unhinged, unapologetic and violent.

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