People know what the Brexit Party is all about – and still support it

WHEN Piers Morgan calls someone “authentic”, you know we’re in trouble. Piers is a good broadcaster, but one thing is for sure, he’s no judge of character.

As far as the morning TV host is concerned, Nigel Farage is “authentic”, with a “passion” to restore democracy to all Leave voters left in Brexit limbo by the inertia of the UK Government and Labour opposition. This will give Piers a more regular guest than his transatlantic pal who has only managed one soft-ball interview since assuming the Presidency.

On Brexit, I cannot foresee an outcome in which anyone on the right wing of the Tory party is willing to accept a deal involving a customs union version, nor can Corbyn deliver one without being forever blamed for complicity in the resulting economic downturn (not as bad as a no-deal, but still bad). The Brexiteers still fantasise about the Malthouse compromise or abandoning the Irish backstop. The former has already been voted down by the Commons and the latter will not be allowed by the EU. No-deal of course is what the ERG want, but the Commons will not permit it. None of these outcomes is possible as things stand.

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