Epic: Farage’s BREXIT PARTY sparks panic among Tories and Labour as poll surge

From Latest surveys, the Support for the Conservatives at the European elections slumps to 11%, this figure is less than a third of what Nigel Farage’s party is polling.
Survey by Observers places the Brexit party on 34%, when people were asked how they intended to vote on 23 May, with Labour slipping to 21% and the Conservatives collapsing to just 11%.

Ominously for Theresa May, support for the Tories at the European elections is now less than a third of that for Farage’s party, and below that for the Liberal Democrats, who are on 12%.

The poll suggests the Brexit party, launched only last month, is now on course for a thumping victory that Farage will, MPs fear, use to back his argument that the UK must leave the EU immediately without a deal.
This Monday, the acting leader of the pro-Remain party Change UK, Heidi Allen, will use a party political broadcast to challenge Farage to a television debate.
Chuka Umunna, the former Labour MP who defected to the new party, said on Saturday night: “If you look beyond the razzmatazz, let’s not forget this is still the man responsible for whipping up anti-immigrant sentiment in this country with, for example, his Leave.EU ‘Breaking Point’ poster. But he is being given a free ride in these elections by a Brexit-supporting media. It’s about time this nasty, divisive politics was challenged, which is why we are calling for a leaders’ debate before polling day.”

Former Conservative foreign minister Alistair Burt said: “I would hope voters would return to the Conservative party in a general election, but we have no entitlement to them. While we must address those voting Brexit, we should not be misled that only a hard-right agenda would do so, and reject leadership candidates if they pander to that.
Conservatives should work together urgently to ensure a moderate, centre-right party is seen as fit to tackle a much wider set of social, national and international issues.”

Richard Corbett, Labour’s leader in the European parliament, said: “Labour voters must turn out and vote to stop a far-right extremist claiming he represents Britain.”

Former prime minister Tony Blair says it is vital that Labour supporters go to the polls, even if they choose a party more clearly in favour of Remain than Labour.
“This is not a vote to choose a prime minister or a government,” Blair says. “It is a vote for the Farage Brexit; or against it.”

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