Brexit Shock SAGA: Farage makes BRILLIANT Brexit prediction – ‘everything will change’

Mr. NIGEL FARAGE has predicted what will happen next with Brexit with his new Brexit Party topping the polls ahead of the upcoming European elections at the end of March.

The Government is in Brexit negotiations with the Labour Party, but Theresa May’s de-facto deputy admitted on Tuesday that European elections would need to go ahead. Nigel Farage has predicted what he thinks will happen next with Brexit, with his new party already topping the polls ahead of the upcoming EU vote. He told Good Morning Britain: “I think these European elections in two-weeks time are going to change everything.

“I think, I could be wrong, I think this new Brexit Party that I set up four weeks ago has kind of appeared like a jack in a box.

“I think we are going to win these European elections. Possibly win them in quite a big way.

“What you will then see, is the people who are voting for us in a European election, are going to say ‘do you know what, I am going to vote for these people in a general election too’.

“People out there have had enough of not being told the truth. They have had enough of Brexit not being delivered.”

Asked if he thought a general election was possible, Mr Farage replied: “I think it may well happen.

“Collapse of the Government, a motion of no confidence could spark a general election.

“Either way, do not underestimate, I think Westminster does not get how angry this country is.

“Do not underestimate the power and the potency of the Brexit Party, to completely change the numbers.”

Last week, polls placed the Brexit Party ahead of the Labour Party and Conservative Party with 30 percent of Brits votes for European Parliament voting intentions.

The YouGov poll, which questioned 1630 Brits between April 29 to April 30, found only 21 percent of people would back the Labour Party, while, only 13 percent of Brits would support the Tories.

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    Still more catastrophic this fair lady’s green light for China’s surveillance system installations in these precious our expense! Highly degenerative 5G saturation and face recognition technologies to frankly enslave every man,woman and child.
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