Local elections 2019: Voter OUTRAGE over no Brexit Party on ballot paper – ‘TRAITORS’

FURIOUS voters reacted with outrage at not seeing a Brexit Party option on the ballot paper as they as they dealt a crushing blow to both Britain’s main parties in a bruising night of local elections.

The Tories lost hundreds of seats as local councillors were punished for a Parliament in chaos over Brexit but Labour failed to seize the spoils from the Tories’ loss – with huge gains instead going to the Lib Dems, who boasted of their best night for 16 years. Ahead of the results being announced voters in local wards across the country reacted angrily to no Brexit Party option appearing on the ballot paper, with some spoiling their papers in protest. Some angry voters scribbled anti-May statements across the papers, labelling the mainstream parties as ‘traitors’.

Polling expert John Curtice said voters had declared “a plague on both your houses”.

With results in from 100 of the 248 councils where elections are being held the Conservative Party lost 433 councillors and the Labour Party had lost 81 councillors.

The Lib Dems have hailed what they claim is their “best ever” local elections night after making huge gains across the country.

Early counting showed the anti-Brexit party up by more than 250 seats – nearly doubling its previous total – as it recovered from a crushing performance four years ago.

With more than half of councils still to declare, Lib Dem MP Sir Ed Davey claimed the result was “equivalent to our best strides forward ever in our history”.

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