Hundreds take part in heated Brexit debate on second referendum

Over 160 people piled into Ladybridge High School to ask Chris Green MP their burning questions about Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The meeting was also livestreamed on Facebook, giving those who could not make it in person an opportunity to watch the session.

In a discussion which lasted over an hour, tempers flared as residents shared their views and concerns about the daily Brexit updates.

Introducing the question and answer session, Mr Green said: “I don’t know what it is about Brexit but people do seem to be engaging with the biggest event we’ve had since the Second World War.

“In spirit, I think many people have left the European Union already.”

The atmosphere was heated as both the Bolton West MP and constituents continued to express their frustrations with the Brexit process.

One audience member asked why a second referendum was being considered, saying: “There’s 650 people in Parliament basically saying the people of this country are not compos mentis, they don’t know what they’re voting for, they don’t understand. When are they going to stop that attitude? We know what we voted for.”

The complicated nature of Brexit was then reflected in the crowd.

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