Brexit betrayal EXPOSED: PM favours soft exit says ex-No10 aide – ‘That’s the direction’

Brexit betrayal EXPOSED: PM favours soft exit says ex-No10 aide – ‘That’s the direction’

BREXIT could be in jeopardy as Prime Minister Theresa May is moving towards a softer exit from the bloc, a former Downing Street communications chief has said.

Mr Oliver was unequivocal in his assessment the sort of Brexit favoured by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and his European Research Group (ERG) allies is on the ropes due to recent developments in the Commons.


The PR guru told the BBC: “The most important thing that has happened this week is Theresa May has basically turned to the ERG and said ‘no’.

“And that is the direction.


“What you can expect at the moment where her deal being passed and anything going right the way through to the possibility even of a second referendum is what’s on the table.

“But the big thing is saying no to no deal and no to ERG.”


The PR executive appeared to be alluding to the direction travel in the Brexit process now Mrs May is now taking part in cross-party talks with her Labour rivals.


But her hopes of a Brexit compromise with Jeremy Corbyn are on the brink of collapse after Labour accused the Prime Minister of refusing to change her deal.


Downing Street offered further talks this weekend after efforts to find a breakthrough stalled, but Labour said Mrs May had to come forward with “genuine changes”.

Mr Oliver was also clear on his view the Prime Minister would not be resigning any time soon.


BBC presenter Kirsty Wark asked the PR expert: “Theresa May is not going anywhere.


“And none of her Cabinet necessarily want her to go very quickly because it leaves them with a massive problem.”


To which Mr Oliver replied: “This is where she’s really got her Cabinet if she plays it right, and says ‘I can take any amount of humiliation which you throw at me – and I have.”

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