Mueller found “Guilty” Framing Tennessee Man on Gun Charge

In what may have  turned out to be the nail in Robert Mueller’s coffin, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is investigating him for allegedly framing a man on gun charges.

The TBI has confirmed that Mueller is accused of the act as his role as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Director. Basically, Darren Huff was convicted of a ‘plot’ to take over a courthouse, despite proof that no such thing occurred.

To almost everybody, the entire incident smacks of Obama-era control, like using the IRS to target Tea Party groups, since Huff was an Oath Keeper, and the events surrounding the case are highly questionable.

In an audio tape, a conversation between Walter Fitzpatrick, who is a witness against Mueller, and TBI special agents Jerry Spoon and Mark Irwin, plus another TBI officer, Fitzpatrick describes his claim that Darren Huff was fraudulently prosecuted by Mueller’s FBI for the crime of “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorder.”

The case made headlines for the supposed right-wing plot in 2010, to take over a courthouse in Monroe County, Tennessee. Huff, who is an ‘Oath-Keeper’ served time for the alleged plot.

Like many other would-be attendees, Huff was not allowed to enter the courtroom. He therefore patronized a local restaurant where several county law enforcement officials were dining. There were no incidents at the diner, and Fitzpatrick joined the group following the brief arraignment hearing across the street.

An FBI affidavit issued ten days later alleged that Fitzpatrick and Huff had planned an armed takeover of the courthouse, something that never happened. As a result, Huff was arrested and incarcerated, then freed temporarily with an ankle monitor…



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