JUST IN!! Democrats busted in Texas requesting non-citizens to vote

Texas Investigates Non-Citizen Voter Registration By Democrat Party

The Texas Democratic Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with the box for citizenship already checked “Yes,” according to complaints filed Thursday.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation contacted authorities and the federal Justice Department about the pre-checked applications. They also delivered a signed affidavit from resident David C. Kifuri Jr, who witnessed some of his relatives, who aren’t citizens, getting the registration.

The complaint has not been taken lightly.

According to Governor Greg Abbott, Democrats are now under investigation for sending fraudulent forms with the citizenship box already checked “Yes.”

“This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle,” said Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the PILF.

The group spends its time policing voter registration practices in various states, and many people agree that there’s more proof of democrat election interference than any Russian.

“I know from previous work experience … that it is a crime to register to vote in Texas if you are a felon with an incomplete sentence or a non-U.S. citizen. I also understand that a non-U.S. citizen can face criminal and immigration jeopardy for misrepresenting citizenship status for the purpose of voter registration,” Kifuri stated.

The report comes as the November 2018 midterms are less than three months away and as election integrity has been in the spotlight in recent months.

A report from the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) in August found “170 registered voters listed as being over 116 years old [that] still existed on the [voter] rolls” in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.

A separate report from August found that there were “twice as many ballots as the number of registered voters were cast in a northeastern Georgia precinct during the state’s primary elections in May.”

A report from political experts at Old Dominion University in January 2017 “estimated of the believed 20 million non-citizen adults living in the U.S., approximately 6.4% illegally voted in 2016, which equates to more than 1.2 million illegally cast votes.”


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